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Risk Management Specialist

What Makes The TPG Risk Manager So Different?
The TPG Risk Manager consists of an extensive program to train and certify Risk Managers employed by

Step 1 - Identify Risk Issues Step 2 - Methods to Handle Risk
The TPG Risk Manager Evaluates
and understands the critical facets of an
organization - its industry, operations,
culture, H.R., safety, and risk
management & training programs.
Because the TPG Risk Manager has an
in-depth knowledge about the consumer’s
business and its industry, he or she is
uniquely positioned to explore a
spectrum of strategies pinpointed at
minimizing the total cost of risk.
Step 4 -
Monitor Risks & Plan
Step 3 -
Implement Programs
The TPG Risk Manager
knows that organizations are
dynamic - what works today might not
work as well tomorrow. Because of this,
the RM monitors the design of H.R. and
Risk Management initiatives and the ongoing
effectiveness of the insurance program design.
It is here that the TPG Risk
Manager really shines. During the
implementation phase, the CRA builds
individually tailored programs and strategies
designed to protect an organization’s assets
while minimizing premium outlay.
The Bottom Line
The TPG Risk Manager's diagnostic assessment process is taken seriously by the insurance underwriting community.
Because the CRA is improving its clients' Risk Profiles (thereby reducing claim frequency and severity),
he or she is able to negotiate exceptional insurance programs for its clientele!

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